"Mary was exceptional in assisting in buying our first home in Winnipeg. If you are looking for a realtor to sell or buy a home in the Winnipeg area, we would highly recommend Mary!"

- Samantha and Daniel Kives ~ Home Buyer's

"Mary sold our house in 1 week and found us a new, bigger, and better home the next week, amazing ability!  And 2 years later we love our home and have built our family here!"

- Natasha and Karl ~ Home Seller's and Buyer's

"Mary has a very calm and reassuring energy that lets you put your confidence in her easily.  Her reliability and promptness with all matters allowed us to relax during all the stressors associated with selling a home.  Even while we searched for a new house in the US, she contacted us daily with updates and genuine interest in how we were getting along.  She perfectly melds the passion for her job with a compassion for her clients.  We have recommended Mary to our closest friends and family, and would not hesitate to work with her again."

- Michelle and Andriy (Liam and Toby) ~ Home Seller's

"When I put my home up for sale I shopped around for an agent to use.  Of the agents I talked to only Mary Pidlaski did research and came to our meeting with information to help me decide first what agent to use, and second to come up with an asking price that was realistic and also one I was able to agree with.

As a result I signed on with Mary and began the adventure of showing my home.  Mary gave me ideas on how to simplify my home to make It easier to sell.  She committed to me to give me as much notice as possible when people wanted to come for a viewing.  I had an update by the end of each day on what the schedule was for the following day.

Selling a home is a difficult process at the best of times because of all the memories and the security that comes along with being in a home as long as I had been.  The lack of access to your home is also a difficult adjustment.  Having Mary as my agent made the process as stress free as she could possibly make it.

In the end we sold the house for more than I was asking.  I would recommend Mary Pidlaski as an agent to anybody not only because I received more than I expected to get for the property, but also because of how much effort she made to keep me in the loop as to the viewings and any issues or concerns potential buyers had expressed.  If you want an agent who will keep you informed and get you a fair price, I would recommend Mary.  Thank you Mary!

- James Klaassen ~ House Seller

"I learned that buying a house can be a very cumbersome, time consuming and unpredictable process.  Being a first time home buyer does not help this process.  Hiring Mary as a Realtor was one of my best decisions.  Mary did not only work towards getting me a house to live in, but she helped facilitate myself in buying a home that suits my personality, preferences and my budget.  Mary is a true professional and she actually took the time to get to know me as a client.  Mary was fun to work with and now I feel like when I'm buying my next home and if I make the right decision and hire Mary; the process will be a cake-walk.  Thanks a Million Mary!!"

- Marlon Watts ~ First-Time Home Buyer

"I met Mary from a business group we both attended.  When I hired her, I had a unique situation to be dealt with.  Mary suggested some great ideas to get the sale of the property done right.  With her expertise and creative ideas, I was able to get the satisfaction I was looking for.  I would definitely hire Mary again."

- Matt Solvason ~ Home Seller

"Working with Mary was easy-peasy.  She was kind, friendly, helpful, and most of all patient.  I was a first time home buyer so she helped me understand the entire process.  Starting from which houses to look at and what is in my budget, to how to fill out all the paperwork and what to expect from the lawyers.  I am still living in the home Mary helped me buy.  Thanks Mary!"

- Ryan D. ~ First Time Home Buyer

"You're a gem, don't let anyone say differently.  Anyone who gets you for an agent is really lucky.  You were the easiest person to deal with and it made my year a little brighter.  You were my sunshine in all this.  Thank you ever so much!"

- Kathy

Mary Pidlaski
Mary Pidlaski