2021 Design Trends
What design trends are in right now?  As we prep homes for sale this year, perhaps this can give you some inspiration as to a direction. You can take from some or all of these.  And if you love your homes’ current style, that’s ok, too!  How you live is one way, but we do want to bring styles into today’s most modern ideas to attract the buyer of today.

Neutrals with a pop of colour.
Cream coloured ceramics.

Clean work spaces.

Multi-functional spaces.

Rattan finishings (think wicker).

Zen decor.


Grandmillenial style
Ha, never heard that term before?  Perhaps you’re like me, who was only recently privy to this term. It’s just as it sounds, what’s old is new again, and your granny’s old pieces need to be dug out of the closets. Now, what IS “grandmillenial chic home design?…" You can take the simple white on white backdrops we’ve seen infiltrate our Instagram feeds over the last few years, and we’re going to fill up some of that space.  We are going to take flower-patterned wallpaper and cover that white wall. We will add pillows with ruffly fringes, tassels, velvet textures, even those old doilies have a place again, and we may set our photographs on top of our grandmother's antique buffet. This is the antidote to mid-century modern and minimalism. Want a couple samples for inspiration?

Hope this gives you a few relevations.  I can’t wait to see what you’ve done with your space.  If you’ve created something new at home, post it on an IG post or story, and tag me @marywinnipegrealtor