Whether you are a first-time home-buyer or a current homeowner looking to downsize, more than likely you will be viewing houses or attending open houses while searching for the perfect home. Regardless of how experienced you are with home buying and home owning, there are always things that are missed when going through the house hunting and home buying process.

Slow down & take your time.

Buying a house is your biggest investment, so why wouldn’t you want to slow down and take your time when viewing a property? Sometimes people miss details such as whether or not the garage is big enough, how much sun exposure the house gets during the daytime and what sorts of repair and maintenance is going to be required to maintain and upkeep the property (such as the size of the yard and the condition of the roof). Another important point to keep in mind is to check both the inside and the outside of the home.

Upgrades & Wants vs. Needs.

Upgrades are a huge factor to keep in mind when shopping for your dream home. It is a lot easier (and cheaper!) to re-paint the walls or replace cabinet hardware in the kitchen and bathroom than it is to re-work the floor plan of the house.

Cosmetic upgrades can be easily done and are relatively low in cost, while major upgrades such as renovations or re-designing the floor plan can very quickly add up in cost.  Check storage options; does it have enough to fit your lifestyle and belongings?.

Go back and take a second look.

One of the most important things to remember is that it’s a good idea to go back and take a second look at a property you viewed and liked. There is a lot to take in when viewing a home, so revisiting the property and having another look around is always a good idea. It not only lets you get a second feel for the space, you might also notice something that you didn’t see before. After the open house, contact me to go back to look at it with you, (if you love it); that’s what I’m here for! 

Don’t be afraid to ask.

I have heard from clients at times they almost avoided asking me questions for fear of ‘bothering’ me.  That’s never the case!  Always ask. My top priority is to find you the perfect home and be with you every step of the way. Never feel that you are inconveniencing me by asking sending overquestions.  I love hearing from you. 

The agent hosting will likely ask if you are working with a Realtor.  Just tell them you are working with me, and they can direct any further questions over my way. 

Mary Pidlaski
Mary Pidlaski
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