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Despite July sales slipping back from June 2021 and July 2020 record-setting months, year-to-date market activity is on pace to set another annual sales record for the third consecutive year. Sales of 11,797 for the first seven months are up 36% over the same period in 2020 and 43% over 2019. Dollar volume is elevated to nearly 52% over 2020 and close to $4 billion in sales activity thus far in 2021.

The July residential-attached property average sales price is as high as WRREB has ever witnessed on a monthly basis at $321,333. Dollar volume of nearly $40 million increased 38% over July 2020. Duplexes had a number of sales over $500,000 with the highest selling for $600,000.While up 7% in average sales price over July 2020, the residential-detached average sales price fell off its monthly high in June of $395,576 to end up at $377,789. There were still 8 sales worth more than $1 million and the most active price ranges were from $500,000 to $749,999 and from $300,000 to $349,999.

The 1,177 residential-detached sales sold avg in 17 days with the shortest time at 11 days for sales from $400,000 to $449,999 & the longest time period of 48 days for homes selling over $1 million. 54% of sales went above list price in July.
We are seeing rapid turnover of inventory - 57% of all listings, 91% of residential detached homes in July. As restrictions loosen in the province, I feel this trend will continue.

A Local Designer I Love

I first encountered this company from a house I sold several years back.  The homeowner had developed their attic prior to me meeting them, and I discovered Fireside Design’s beautiful work at that time.  The work is here. I think it was the textures and the strong, resolute features which caught my eye.  They are a design-build firm that does commercial and residential real estate, that literally entails everything.  They create the plans, acquire permits, organize sub-trades, engineering, and even hire cleaners for the job.  

Who They Are: 

Adam has 16 years of experience in design and construction.His commitment to the holistic model of design-build is informed by his experience as a carpenter, an artist, a film-maker, and a writer. He continually seeks to create spaces that follow a narrative. Design is always about the people who use the space, and this humanistic approach drives him to understand and create successful projects from the big picture down to the smallest detail.  

Jaclyn has been designing professionally since 2005 when she graduated with her bachelor’s degree from the faculty of Architecture at University of Manitoba. Along with design, she has extensive experience in project management, budgeting and job costing, construction scheduling, and quality control.

Quote from Adam, “Throughout history, the fire side has always been the heart of the home, a place where people gather for comfort and sharing.  Our goal is to create spaces that also bring comfort and warmth to everyone who experiences them.”

Some of their influences are from designer Christopher Alexander, the mid-century modernistic era, local artisans, and the Arts & Crafts movement.

Don’t take my word for it…. check out their site and decide for yourself.  

April 2021 Market Stats!

For the first time in the history of monthly MLS® sales, the Winnipeg Regional Real Estate Board’s April sales tipped over 2,000 in number. The 2,055 sales in April edged out last month’s sales of 1,975 and are up 53% over the 5-year average for this month. Dollar volume continues to rise with $678.3 million transacted in sales, which is a 65% rise over this month’s 5 year average.

The 2,615 listings remaining at month end are down 41% from the same time last year despite a dramatic fall off in new listings entered in April 2020 due to the pandemic economic shutdown. The good news is that year-to-date cumulative listings of 8,066 represent a 10% increase over 2020 and are less than 1% behind those entered in 2019. In other words, we have more supply than last year… but as you can see in the next statement, supply is moving even quicker than last year. 

In April, 78% of active MLS® listing supply turned over — and for single-family homes it was an astounding 131% — leaving less than a month’s listing supply going into May.  This is a record saturation rate. 

Our average days on the market for single family homes (RD) was 3 weeks, and for houses $350k-$399k, they were just 2 weeks. That is fast!  Remember, this does not mean all homes will sell right away and for more than you were expecting!  It is important to set realistic expectations in your house search, and prepare your house for sale in the best way possible.  

Let’s meet in person (or on video) to discuss your 2021 real estate goals.  Housing is still essential.  See you soon.  Stay safe and get outside as much as you can! 

2021 Design Trends
What design trends are in right now?  As we prep homes for sale this year, perhaps this can give you some inspiration as to a direction. You can take from some or all of these.  And if you love your homes’ current style, that’s ok, too!  How you live is one way, but we do want to bring styles into today’s most modern ideas to attract the buyer of today.

Neutrals with a pop of colour.

Cream coloured ceramics.

Clean work spaces.

Multi-functional spaces.

Rattan finishings (think wicker).

Zen decor.


Grandmillenial style
Ha, never heard that term before?  Perhaps you’re like me, who was only recently privy to this term. It’s just as it sounds, what’s old is new again, and your granny’s old pieces need to be dug out of the closets. Now, what IS “grandmillenial chic home design?…" You can take the simple white on white backdrops we’ve seen infiltrate our Instagram feeds over the last few years, and we’re going to fill up some of that space.  We are going to take flower-patterned wallpaper and cover that white wall. We will add pillows with ruffly fringes, tassels, velvet textures, even those old doilies have a place again, and we may set our photographs on top of our grandmother's antique buffet. This is the antidote to mid-century modern and minimalism. Want a couple samples for inspiration?

Hope this gives you a few relevations.  I can’t wait to see what you’ve done with your space.  If you’ve created something new at home, post it on an IG post or story, and tag me @marywinnipegrealtor

How Should I Prepare for the Spring Market?

First, you need to see your home like a prospective buyer. To do that, you need to look at both the inside and outside with a fresh perspective. If you follow these simple steps, you will be helping to set the stage for a property that shows great to potential buyers.

Letting Go Of Clutter

When prospective buyers walk through your home, they tend to imagine it as if it were their own. You can help them envision their dream space by presenting a clean, clutter-free environment.

It’s Time For A New Perspective

Preparing your house for selling can be a daunting and overwhelming task whether you have lived in your home a few years or many. The longer you have lived in your home the more things you will have acquired. I will help bring a fresh perspective when we do a walk-through of your home prior to sale, and we can decide the best way to help buyers envision their own dream space. 

Remove Personal Items

Put away family photos, souvenirs, knick-knacks and personal items. These items are special to you, but the prospective buyer wants to envision their own personal items in your space.

Clean, Clear Surfaces

Clear off counters, especially in kitchens and bathrooms, storing away small appliances and miscellaneous personal items. Scrub down the surfaces and perhaps even put out a bouquet of flowers.  A clean home translates into "They must have really cared for their home.” The home must be sparkling at the very least.

Create Ease of Movement

Remove and store extra furniture to create open areas that promote easy foot traffic through your home. Ensure each room use is clearly defined. If you have turned one of the bedrooms into a den, this is a good time to move it back to a bedroom. This helps answer buyer questions on how best to utilize the space of your home, without saying a word.

Show Off Storage Space

Clear out closets, basements and garages as prospective buyers are always on the lookout for ample storage space. Now is a good time to box up unworn clothes, toys and personal items for storage or charity. Keep the bottom of closets clear from clutter, when possible.

Quick Fixes And TLC

Potential buyers will be looking for visual clues that your home is well cared for. How much work a house seems to require will impact the offering prices you receive, so it’s worthwhile to ensure that everything is in good working order.

Here's A Quick Checklist:


Ensure all plumbing fixtures are clean and in good working order. Outfit leaky faucets with new washers and clean any visible stains on porcelain fixtures. Replace old, worn shower curtains and bath mats.

Doors and Windows

Spray WD40 on all hinges so everything operates smoothly. Have windows cleaned inside and out. Potential buyers will be estimating their energy costs, so fix drafts by re-caulking windows and replace exterior doors if necessary.

Walls and Floors

A fresh coat of paint instantly transforms a space, helping it to look neat, clean, and up-to-date. Always fix obvious wall imperfections like cracks and nail holes, before painting. Steam clean carpets and runners, and repair any chipped or loose floor tiles.


Be mindful of the odours left behind by pets and smokers and consider using an environmentally friendly room fragrance to neutralize unpleasant scents. Replace light bulbs and add light fixtures in dark hallways, including basements, garages and closets.

Curb Appeal – Drive By Success!

First impressions can be everything. Many people simply drive by a listing and make a decision based on your home’s curb appeal. So, don’t forget the importance of creating a well-manicured entryway – to entice potential buyers. Maintaining a neat and attractive exterior to your home will show buyers that you take pride on your property.

Here Are A Few Tips:


Consider planting a few bushes and colourful mature flowers to create an eye catching display. Ensure that your lawn is well manicured: mowed, watered and void of brown spots.  If it’s still winter, have you shovelled? We want to ensure buyers don’t slip, so salt the walkway if it’s icy.  

Front Door

Look critically at your front entrance: does the door or the porch railing cry out for a fresh coat of paint? Polish the door handle and invest in a new welcome mat. This is something often overlooked,  but it’s typically the first thing your buyer will touch, and you want it to work!

Shine On

Many serious buyers will want to drive by your home after the sun goes down. Remember to ensure that all outdoor light bulbs are turned on in order to show your home in its best light. 

Spend money on new light fixtures in brushed nickel or stainless steel. Whether you are ready for it or not, brass finishes are making a comeback.  Will you try this out?

Remember, most people want to move in to a house they do not have to do anything to… we are simple creatures! We do the best we can.  Let’s work together to make the most of your home sale, so you can get the most money possible when an offer comes in. 

Happy Selling! 

Most Luxurious Homes

Now, while I am in the business of Real Estate, we have yet to see homes sold as the ones to follow, here in Winnipeg. It gives true meaning for the word “Estate”.  One of my favourite places to be is Vancouver, where I spent 5 years as a young adult.  The Belmont Estate is a legacy of its own, situated in one of Vancouver’s most prized neighbourhoods.  It will only cost you $58,000,000. The Estate, which spans 21,977 square feet is the result of the collaboration between the Owners and the acclaimed firm, Ernest Collins Architect Ltd., which was commissioned to undertake the project.

How would you like to reside in historic Montreal in a home that fits like a castle in Ville-Marie? Sited on nearly two acres set behind tall, verdant cedar trees in the heart of downtown Montreal's Golden Square Mile, industrialist and philanthropist J.W McConnell's former residence represents one of the most impressive estates in Canada.

Perhaps you need the hustle and bustle of a busier city, so you’d like to reside in East York of Toronto in a home built before confederation in 1957, that was actually Rosedale’s Geary house. The home belonged to George Geary, who was once the Toronto Mayor during that time.  This home is a historical masterpiece.  Its marketing extends to an international clientele that may be interested in the most luxurious of experiences.  At a mere $19,800,000, you might find what you are looking for. 

If you’d like something a little more subdued, perhaps you wish to bid on Leonardo Dicaprio’s abode he purchased while filming in Alberta the box office hit The Revenant, in 2015.  Yes, I realize this may mean he has no plans to reside here again, but perhaps you can settle for resting your head on the pillow he once slept on.  The auction bids took place starting on January 22nd to 27th through Concierge Auctions in cooperation with Vivienne Huisman of Sotheby’s International Realty Canada, with the property selling to the highest bidder.  The property is at 209 Pinnacle Ridge Place Street West in the outskirts of Calgary, custom built on 2 acres, is 15, 382 square feet, 7 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. Would this suit your needs?


Real Estate is still essential.  I haven't updated you in a while on our current rules, except when we've spoken recently.  I don't want you to wonder if it's ok to reach out or not.  The province continues to recognize real estate as an essential service.  

There will always be people that need to move, emergencies, deaths, new companionships, transfers, and we have to find a way to make these transitions as safe as possible withi

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