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January 21 2019 

Clean Your House - Change Your Life

Something I often see clients struggle with is the mass amounts of STUFF that is in their house.  I have literally seen STUFF paralyze individuals from moving on to a different life.  STUFF stopping a person from moving to a new city where family resides, a cheaper place, inhibiting a will or wish to travel… C’mon, get rid of the STUFF!  Eons ago I had a different blog format than I do now (just started one back up again!  I love to share with you).  I feel the entry below applies to the present as well as it did then, so I won’t reinvent the wheel on this story.  I am a firm believer that personal items can have as much damage on our soul as do hanging onto past resentments, relationships that no longer work, or ideas that just have to go.  Since I wrote this entry, I’ve become familiar with the #konmari method for tidying up.  Marie Kondo, a lovely woman from Japan has written extensively on this topic, author of “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.”  She is currently starring in her own Netflix series, helping families to literally CHANGE THEIR LIVES by learning to “tidy up”.  My method below almost feels similar… check out the series to find out how.  Hint: it has to do with only keeping what brings you JOY. 


Original Entry (written in spring): It’s that time again.  The addition of sunlight, longer days, and warmer weather brings a healthy burst of energy that inspires us to create positive changes in our lives.   We take time to reflect on the changes we wanted to implement over the winter months and now we have the strength to do them.  Time to execute.  Questions we may ask ourselves:  What do I really need right now?  What do I have that I want to keep, let go of, and what do I want to allow room for to grow in my present life?  This may include financial matters, personal matters, friends, healthy choices, and STUFF!  Stuff, we all have a lot of stuff.  Too much!  


I recently underwent an excellent process in my own household that I want to share with you in a hope that it may inspire you to do the same.  With the lengthy winter months beginning to bog me down, I came to the conclusion that it was time to make some serious alterations in my own home.  I am a true believer that where we hang our hat, what we do there, and who we love there, will spread success into the rest of who we are.  So, I began to ask the questions above.  After much introspection, I ventured forward, starting with a box.  One box of things.  My goal was a large one.  Can I downsize everything I own into exactly HALF of what it is now?  Huge task!  One large box came out, with an empty box of half its size.  After a brief hesitation, I began to fill the teeny box with what I loved, and everything else went into either a give-away, throw-away, or sell pile.  If I can’t fit it into my life right now at this moment, I don’t want it to clutter what I enjoy now.  If I didn’t have a place for it to be worn, displayed, shared, or kept sacred, it went.  One box led to another, one room led to another room.  With each part of the cleansing process, inspiration grew to what I want to have in the future, and that fun has already begun.   There have been many trips to places that need what I had; church, friends, and a neighbour or two.  

What have I gained from all this?  I gained a newfound burst of energy, renewed growth, and a clarity of purpose that is beyond compare.  Clarity in the areas of business, personal, and family.  So I challenge YOU, to ask yourself:

What do I really need to operate in my life?

What can I let go of?

What can I share?

Who can I help?

What do I want in the future, and where do I need to make room for that growth?

With spring underway, you may be thinking of making your house into more of a home, or getting ready to sell, and if that is the case, you WILL need to do this.  It will not only make you feel lighter and happier, but it will add value to your most valuable asset.   Your home. 


De-clutter your home.  De-clutter your life.

Note: I still do this as a practise.  I might do one area of the house, my desk, or pick a category like clothing.  I always feel amazing afterward!  Send me a message about your own tidying up process.  I love to hear about it! 

 Happy cleaning!


 Places you can donate your gently used items to (these are my personal recommendations):

·      Big Brothers and Big Sisters Association – 204.943.5437 - Clothing and Household Items 

·      Things – Royal Winnipeg Ballet – 204.284.7331 - Antiques, Collectibles, Home Furnishings, China, Jewelry, Silver, Artwork, Lamps

·      Villa Rosa (convalescence home for young or unwed mothers to learn about parenthood and finish their education) – 204 786-5741 - Fabric, Car Seats, Exercise Balls

·      Children’s Hospital  - Books (This link will show you drop-off points!)

·      Clothes Closet – 204 284-9311 – Suits, Jackets, Pants, Skirts, Blouses, Tops, Shoes, Boots, Coats, Accessories, Jewelry, Scarves, Purses, Belts. Plus-sized clothing is always in high demand.

·      Winnipeg Pet Rescue – 204.832.7387 - Canadian Tire Money, Cat Litter Scoops, Air Freshener, Brooms & Dust Pans, Cat & Dog Toys, Soap, Blankets and Towels, Other Pet Items… 

·      Into the Music – 204.287.8279 - LP’s, CDs, Cassettes

·      Hands of Hope – 204.261.8607 - Furniture, Household Goods

·      Habitat ReStore – 204.233.5160 - Link has a list of acceptable/unacceptable donations

·      Mennonite Central Committee – 204.694.3669 - THRIFT STORE BEST SELLERS = Leather furniture, Anything mid-century modern, Oak Dining Sets 

·      Into the Music – 204.287.8279 - They pay cash for quality used LPs, CDs, Music DVDs, Music books, Cassette tapes, Music Memorabilia·     

·      Winnipeg Humane Society – 204.982.2021 - LONG list of things they need! Check out their website! Can Even Donate Your Car!  

·      Winnipeg Public Library – 204.986.6841- Books, DVDs, Video Games, CDs

·      C.R. Bears and Co – 204.269.9089 - Fur Coats (to be made into teddy bears!)

·      Centre Flavie-Laurent – 204.231.9513 - Mattresses, Box springs, Bedframes, Bedding, Dressers, Cribs & Baby Accessories, Kitchen Tables & Chairs, Sofas & living Room Chairs, Dishes & Cutlery, Pots & Pans, Washers, Dryers, Freezers, Stoves, Books 

·      Arts Junktion – 204.942.5865 - Art supplies, Leather, Beads, Jewelry, Board games, Trophies, Magnets (HUGE list of things to donate on website!)

·      The Salvation Army – 204.953.1500 - Accessories, Antiques, Clothing, Computers, Electronics, Furniture, Housewares, Media & Books, Seasonal Items, Textiles, Toys

·      Teen Challenge – 1-800.632.6095 - Donate your Car! (working or not, tax receipt provided)

·      Goodwill – 204.943.6435 - Books, Clothes, Furniture, Appliances, Linens, Household Items, Sporting Goods, Toys

·      Oyate Tipi Cumini Yape – 204.589.2265 - Household Items (All listed on website & free pickup!)

·      International Hope Canada – 204.774.1102 - Medical Equipment & Supplies 


December 22 2018


December 12 2018



When I was creating my “fun to-do” list, I hadn’t realized how many events happen in November. My list is a combination of events that are yet to occur, but hurry, many are ending soon!


1. One of my favourite holiday movies created into a Radio Play! I saw this on the weekend.  So good.  It’s a special story. RMTC Presents: “It’s a Wonderful Life” (Runs Until Dec. 15)


Okay.. a few of the next events happen on the same night, so you will have to pick and choose! 


2. A Christmas Event that typically sells out! JP Hoe Hoe Hoe (Dec.14) 


3. I’m a bit of a groupie for this children’s performer.  The Dirty Catfish Brass Band is also making an appearance, so bring your dancing shoes! Al Simmons (Dec.14)


4. There is nothing like the sound of an all Boys’ Choir.  My son was a member of this choir for one year. It was lovely.  Winnipeg Boys Choir (Dec. 14)


5. I have an affinity for surprising moments, and coming across the most beautiful lights during this time of year. If you don’t want to limit those times to random occurrences, take a drive to Lindenwoods to view this wonderful light contest! Linden Woods Lights Contest (Dec. 18)


6. As a former dancer, I will tell you that the RWB’s Nutcracker is a must see.  If you haven’t been to a full length ballet, it is the perfect one to start with.  It has something in the show for everyone; young and old, but especially the youthful at heart. Royal Winnipeg Ballet Nutcracker (Dec. 19-29)


7. Staycation?  Santa is visiting the Fairmont Guests! Santa Suite at the Fairmont (Nov. 25-Dec. 23)


8. Get your tickets soon!  The winter break for students will be a busy time, so you might want to visit before or after! I have been once before. Adorable! CanadInns Winter Wonderland (Nov.30-Jan.5)


9. See how holiday lights, trees and decorations have changed from the 1880s to today, and learn about the history of electrical development in our province.  This will be interesting! All That Glows: Then and Now (Nov. 14-Jan.3) 


10. View famous Winnipeg light displays, residential and business, on a tour bus this holiday.  You will have a chance to see a few of the previous events I listed all in one night! Christmas Lights Tour of Winnipeg (Dec. 12, 17, & 19)

The kick-off for me is the Santa Clause Parade, which I attended last month.  RE/MAX has a float… this is me “driving” the semi, pulling said float.  On the right is, well… you know who that is. 

1.png        2.png

Mary Pidlaski
Mary Pidlaski