What is Your Home Worth? Home Value Estimator!


RE/MAX is pleased to announce the launch of its new Home Value Estimator in Canada, in partnership with Teranet and now available to consumers on REMAX.ca.

What I’ve found when I’ve looked at the estimator is that the price range is quite large and cannot take into account many market factors or upgrades the estimator can’t possibly know about.  The Home Value Estimator is considered a guide only, and homebuyers and seller are still encouraged to contact me for a more accurate valuation. 

Below is a statement from RE/MAX as to why it was implemented.  RE/MAX continues to stay above the curve in technology and the wishes of consumers. I love it! 

“Today’s homebuyers and sellers are savvier than ever, and most do their own research before reaching out to a real estate agent to start the process,” says Christopher Alexander, Executive Vice President and Regional Director at RE/MAX of Ontario-Atlantic Region. “A big part of the decision to buy or sell is determining if it makes sense financially. Unfortunately, home values have always been a murky area for consumers, as prices vary dramatically from one city to the next, and even between neighbourhoods within the same city. Our new Home Value Estimator provides that insight on demand, empowering consumers to make an informed decision.”

Getting a home value estimate is easy, and it’s free. Users simply log into their profile on REMAX.ca, or register to create one, and enter a Canadian address that’s piqued their interest (which isn’t already listed by a real estate agent). Then select the desired address from the drop-down menu. The home value estimate will appear at the top of the searched property page.

“We are proud to partner with RE/MAX to bring greater insights to consumers when researching the value of residential properties. Understanding current market value estimates is crucial when making selling and purchasing decisions,” says John Robinson, Vice President, Commercial Solutions at Teranet. “The Home Value Estimator leverages Teranet’s national property information database and sophisticated mathematical models to produce current market estimates for residential properties across Canada. This is yet another example of how Teranet is helping to streamline the buying and selling process for Real Estate professionals and their customers.”

“RE/MAX understands that today’s consumers want as much access to information as possible. The RE/MAX Home Value Estimator generates accurate, up-to-date estimated values of properties within seconds,” says Elton Ash, Regional Executive Vice President, RE/MAX of Western Canada. “Anecdotally, we’ve already received a lot of positive feedback regarding the usefulness of this tool during our pilot project in Kelowna, BC. We’re excited to now offer free home estimates for communities across the entire country.”

Mary Pidlaski
Mary Pidlaski
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